Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ancient Soulmates?

For some viewers the haunting look of the Gypsy Girl mosaic resembles the famous Afghan Girl. Steve McCurry made the picture of the Afghan girl in 1983. No doubt, this is one of the most memorable images in National Geographic's history. An iconic emotion in the eyes of these two women, from then and now, make me feel blue. What do you think?


  1. The goddess of the Earth and Afgan girl have the resemblance indeed. I think it is in the expression of the eyes. The Afghan girl was most probably surprised and afraid of the cameraman, especially foreigner and especially in 80s, when you couldn't see any of them around so frequently. Moreover, she is a girl, and as far as I know by the traditions of this region man is not allowed to communicate with a woman, if she is not his relative. She also has some kind of magic in her eyes that makes you to stare at the photo (especially the original one). I always want to look at it again. I love her sea green eyes colour. The goddess might have this wild expression in her eyes, because she is involved in a very crazy family relationship, like sending her children to take vengeance upon their father, growing nymphs out the killed husband's blood and etc.

  2. Yes, Mumtoz, the expression of the both eyes are so strong and beautiful. When I first saw the gypsy woman in the museum, I couldn't take my eyes of her for a few minutes. As you do, I always want to look at the Afghan girl's eyes. A few years ago, the National Geographic crew went to Afghanistan and found her. After 26 years, she has the same magical look.